Help Build Performance Excellence

Help Implement processes for organisational effectiveness

If you are looking to improve the overall performance of your organisation, a Business Performance Management (BPM) framework can bring critical thinking and analysis to the task. BPM frameworks are generally built around well-known concepts such as Economic Value Added or the Balanced Scorecard.

Our tested Business Performance Management (BPM) framework and tools can speed up this critical process. We can help you to clearly articulate the purpose and direction for your organization, how you plan to get there and what exactly you need to do. We can also use the framework to critically assess your existing strategy and identify any gaps or weaknesses of building and articulating a strategy or identifying gaps in an existing strategy that you need to address.

Help Improve your ability to manage performance

If you already have a BPM framework in place and would like to improve the quality of the framework, using a maturity framework can help develop a profile of where you are now and decide where to focus your efforts.

Our Business Performance Management Maturity Model (BPM3) can help you develop a profile of your current capability and put together a roadmap for performance excellence. We can help you do the assessment, prepare the roadmap and help you through its implementation.

Help Improve organisational alignment

Every organisation has areas where things don’t quite work together as well as they could. A typical example is difficulty executing a process that crosses departmental boundaries. It is often clear that there is a problem, but not what exactly what it is and what caused it. An alignment framework can help pinpoint these problems and also suggest ways to address the issue.

Our Organisational Alignment Model can help you assess the level of alignment across the organisation and locate areas of significant misalignment. We can then help you address these issues using Action Research, an approach that supports learning as you work through the resolution process.