Our philosophy

What We Represent

Our purpose is derived from the Greek concept of eudaimonia, often translated as the ‘greatest good of the greatest number’. For us the word represents human flourishing or the right of every individual to ‘human flowering’, the right to live a life that is full of purpose and contentment. Since most of us work either for ourselves or within organisations, our focus is the situated individual and our goal is enabling individuals and organisations to be as effective and productive as they can be. We bring to our work with you an approach shaped not only by this western view, but also by experience in South and South East Asia as well as Australia.

Research-Practice Integration

The role of evidence in decision-making is critical to everything we do. Any insight we bring to you must have stood the light of rigorous research. The frameworks we use are based on practical experience but validated using critical scholarly enquiry and we adjust them all the time as new evidence comes to hand. An example is our framework for alignment, which our research has shown is positively related to employee engagement, which as we know, is associated with organisational effectiveness.


Our commitment to treating everyone we meet with respect comes of course from our ethical intent but also from the realisation that it is essential for the survival of any system. Ross Ashby said half a century ago that ‘variety consumes variety’ which means that in order to survive, a system must be smarter than its environment. And these smarts come from harnessing diversity, which in turn means treating with respect everyone we interact with. Of course, we will always defer to, and be guided by, your knowledge and the wisdom of your experience because you know your organisation better than we ever can.

Driven by Client Value

Our guiding principle is to complement your strengths, helping you make the best possible use of knowledge and capabilities you already have. We will support you only as much as you need and only in the areas where you need support or guidance, stepping out when you are confident you can continue on your own. We commit to a performance-based remuneration that is adjusted based on your perception of the value we have added to your organisation.